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  • The professionalism and promptness of your dispatch staff and the follow up conducted was impressive. Even more impressive was having price clarity nationwide, not paying any dispatch fees and actually receiving exclusive rate discounts for being a member fleet. In today’s economy with rising fuel prices and competitive margins, it’s reassuring knowing there’s a company like Fleet Assist USA that understands the needs and complexity of the logistics industry with a sincere focus and commitment to saving it’s members time and most importantly money. This has been and continues to be the best decision we have ever made.
  • Director of Operations, Dedicated Freight Systems Inc.
  • We have been trying to source a reliable program that could provide us with price clarity for emergency roadside service, towing and preventative maintenance needs. Every organization we tried always seemed to have too much fine print and was never satisfied with the offerings and service. We joined Fleet Assist USA and it has been the best resource and decision we ever made. Now, I simply call Fleet Assist and they handle the entire breakdown process from start to finish, I have price clarity nationwide which helps me with forecasting/budgeting, I get customized reporting and invoicing and the best part is we save money on every invoice just by being a member. Fleet Assist USA is a definite asset to our organization and truly a resource every trucking company and owner operator should utilize today!
  • Paul Tavenner, Garry Mercer Trucking

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Programs through Fleet Assist USA

Fleet Assist USA is a leading provider of arranging roadside assistance to Fleets across North America. Companies have continued to rely on us to keep their trucks up and running in the timeliest and most cost conscious manner possible.

Now, through Fleet Assist USA, we are ready to enroll your fleet into customized Preventative Maintenance Programs with Exclusive Labour Rates either at their shops or on-site at your facility.

The Importance of Fleet Assist USA Preventative Maintenance Programs

To improve the longevity of your vehicles and increase vehicle availability, scheduled PM programs through Fleet Assist USA is vital as it will ensure:

  1. The most cost effective solution for managing your fleet maintenance as our Qualified Service Providers are mandated to provide our registered fleets exclusivity on rates for labour and parts
  2. Maximize Up-Time allowing your trucks to generate more revenue
  3. Improved Driver Safety Awareness by involving them in the PM Programs
  4. Reduced Operating & Life-Cycle Costs
  5. Reduce the costs associated with unexpected breakdowns and fleet downtime
  6. Maintain time sensitive delivery schedules
  7. Minimize fleet-related risks
  8. Mitigate risk of business interruption and negligent entrustment

Why Choose Fleet Assist USA to Implement Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs To Meet Your Fleet Needs:

Fleet Assist continues to be recognized as the premier resource for fleets to rely on for all their trucking related essentials. Our network of Qualified Service Providers understands this and have all been mandated to provide Preventative Maintenance Programs at Exclusive Rates for our loyal following of Registered Fleets. As a registered fleet, you will be entitled to:

  1. An exclusive labour rate on Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  2. A Proactive approach to maintenance minimizing unexpected over-the-road breakdowns
  3. The ability to have Customized Maintenance Programs designed to meet your fleet needs
  4. Customized Checklists for your drivers to follow to ensure routine checks are being done for engine oil and filter changes; transmission fluid; fuel system; cooling system; engine and transmission mounts; drive shafts or CV joints; belts and hoses; tune-ups; electrical system components; braking system; steering and suspension system; tires, wheels, and rims; exhaust system; undercarriage and frame; exterior and interior lights; body, glass, and mirrors; windshield wiper system; horn; seatbelts and seat structures; fluid leaks; and auxiliary systems.
  5. Access to Qualified Service Providers that are continuously monitored for compliance with DOT and regulatory requirements, insurance, training & certifications, etc.
  6. Detailed Reporting & Notifications
  7. Auditing invoices for accuracy and compliance with Fleet Assist USA Exclusive Rates
To learn more please call 1-800-952-4490 or complete the information request form.