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  • The professionalism and promptness of your dispatch staff and the follow up conducted was impressive. Even more impressive was having price clarity nationwide, not paying any dispatch fees and actually receiving exclusive rate discounts for being a member fleet. In today’s economy with rising fuel prices and competitive margins, it’s reassuring knowing there’s a company like Fleet Assist USA that understands the needs and complexity of the logistics industry with a sincere focus and commitment to saving it’s members time and most importantly money. This has been and continues to be the best decision we have ever made.
  • Director of Operations, Dedicated Freight Systems Inc.
  • We have been trying to source a reliable program that could provide us with price clarity for emergency roadside service, towing and preventative maintenance needs. Every organization we tried always seemed to have too much fine print and was never satisfied with the offerings and service. We joined Fleet Assist USA and it has been the best resource and decision we ever made. Now, I simply call Fleet Assist and they handle the entire breakdown process from start to finish, I have price clarity nationwide which helps me with forecasting/budgeting, I get customized reporting and invoicing and the best part is we save money on every invoice just by being a member. Fleet Assist USA is a definite asset to our organization and truly a resource every trucking company and owner operator should utilize today!
  • Paul Tavenner, Garry Mercer Trucking


Become a Fleet Assist USA membertoday:

Enjoy Price Clarity across USA for all Mechanical, Tires and Towing Breakdown needs regardless of where you breakdown

What We Do

Fleet Assist USA is the only company in America that offers Price Clarity for all your Emergency Roadside Assistance (Mechanical, Tire and Towing) needs nationwide.

How Are We Different

Fleet Assist USA members will always be entitled to Exclusive Rate Discounts on all their Emergency Roadside Breakdown Invoices with No Call Coordination or Dispatch Fee’s.

Why Do We Offer This Unique Membership

Fleet Assist USA goal is to save our member Fleets and Owner Operators time & money for all their trucking related essentials and provide price clarity for emergency roadside assistance.

Benefits of Becoming a Fleet Assist USA Member Today
  1. Price Clarity On All Emergency Roadside Assistance Needs Nationwide

    All Fleet Assist USA members will now be entitled to our Price Clarity across USA for all Mechanical, Tires and Towing Breakdown needs regardless of where your breakdown is. You will now pay one fixed rate for Service, Labour and Mileage Nationwide. All you do is make one phone call and Fleet Assist USA will manage the rest giving you peace of mind and more importantly saving you time and money.
  2. No Call Coordination or Dispatch Fees for Members

    All Fleet Assist USA Members will never be subjected to call coordination or dispatch fee’s when calling for roadside assistance. Whenever you require roadside assistance, Fleet Assist USA is one phone call away. No more:
    1. searching online directories hoping someone qualified will answer the phone to assist in your time of need
    2. calling answering services and waiting to be called back only to be told they don’t have the part or eta is longer than you can afford to wait
    3. calling other breakdown assistance companies only to be told they have no participating service provider in their program available so in order to receive service they will provide you with a telephone number of a non-participating service provider and charge you a fee
  3. Exclusive Rate Discounts on all Roadside Assistance Invoices

    All Fleet Assist USA members will now receive price clarity on all their roadside assistance needs and in addition, will receive an Exclusive Rate Discounts on all their invoices just for being a member. This is our way of showing you our commitment to saving all our member time and money when relying on Fleet Assist USA to handle all your roadside assistance needs.
  4. No Markups on Parts

    All Fleet Assist USA members will never pay an additional markup on parts...
  5. One Centralized Telephone Number For All Your Breakdown Needs

    All Fleet Assist USA members can now call one centralized number for all their roadside mechanical, tire, towing and repair shop needs....

To Become and Member and take advantage of the benefits, call our 24/7 dispatch center at 1-800-952-4490.

Once you become a member:

  • You will begin receiving exclusive rate discounts in addition to the fixed price and having all dispatch fees waived.
  • A Preferred Membership Card along with a sticker for your truck will be mailed to you so that you will always have your account information and our number handy in case you experience a breakdown.